What Is BNI ? 

 BNI is a referral networking organisation  

BNI is a referral networking organisation which is the most successful of it's kind in the UK and globally. 
If you help others to win business they will help you win business which is the basis of our philosophy of Givers Gain®. This is not just wishful thinking, in the UK alone in excess of £482 million of new business was reported by BNI members last year. 
BNI Diamond has a target of £1 million per year and to do this we need quality business like yours to join us. Read on below to find out what to expect and then submit a Visit Us form to come and meet the team. 

 Meeting Agenda  

Arrive early, arrive from 06:30am to get time to meet and network with the members 
Meeting start at 07:00am 
Introduction of guests and BNI Diamond teams 
Education Slot – a 5 minute presentation on some aspect of networking skills or BNI 
60 second presentations from members, visitors and guests 
Sales and referrals update 
10 minute presentation from one of our members on their business or area of expertise 
Positive contributions from members and feedback from visitors and guests 
Updates on BNI training events and social events 
The meeting closes at around 8.30am and is followed by visitor orientation, breakfast and more open networking 

 Get The Most From Your Visit  


The early you arrive the more opportunity you will get to network with our members. 


Who would you like to meet? 
Check our members page and see who you would like to meet, ask when you arrive and you will introduced. 


Prepare a 60 second introduction to your business, for help on this  


Bring lots of business cards, there could be around 40 members, visitors and guests in the room all eager to find out more about your business and keep your card for future contact 

   60 Second Introduction 

Each week, BNI members present their business to the other chapter members to undertake a process of educating them in what they do, how they do it and how you can be referred to others. Here are some tips to a killer 60 seconds: 
There is no use in being asked to speak and making it up as you go – does that really give off the best impression of you and your business? Let’s face it, you are going to a business networking meeting to talk about your business aren’t you? Be prepared and have a plan – you’ll feel more comfortable and make a better impression. 
Introduce yourself and your company. 
Help us understand what role your business fills and what to look out for.  
Perhaps tell a story illustrating how you’ve helped someone, a story is always easier to remember. 
Be Specific, you never know who people in the room know. Is there someone specific you’d love to speak to about your business? Ask for an introduction and explain why you’d like the introduction and you never know…..it happens far more than you’d think. 
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