Frequently Asked Questions 

How often are the meetings? 

Our meetings are carried out in a structured format, which helps all members focus on delivering quality referrals and establishing the relationships which will stand the test of time. Meetings are weekly, with open networking either side. We conclude at around 09:30 meaning that you’ve already done some significant marketing activity before you even reach the office! 

What should I bring? 

It’s important to be prepared. Here’s a quick checklist of things you should have ready before attending your BNI meeting: 
Plenty of business cards 
A plan – what types of businesses do you want to speak to? Have a look at our member list and earmark some companies for a conversation. 
Your 60 seconds – the importance of coming prepared with this can’t be understated 
Time – Be prepared to mingle with members before and after your meeting in order to maximise potential 

How many times can I attend as a guest? 

You are allowed to attend 2 BNI meetings as a guest. This means you have an opportunity to experience your first a meeting and then review things ready for your second meeting. After this point you would be required to submit an application in order to attend further meetings at this chapter. 

What are the benefits of membership? 

A BNI Membership can be compared with having access to approximately 30 other business owners, all looking out for opportunities to generate and pass you business. The benefits are numerous and far-reaching and include: 
Direct access to the professional and personal networks of ~30 businesses in the room as well as BNI Connect, our online global directory of businesses whom you can contact and establish relationships. 
Regular training is available to help you make the most of your BNI membership – both in terms of ROI and personal development 
Weekly opportunity to educate the other businesses in the room on what you do and the types of people you’d like to speak to 
Regular 10 minute presentation slots for you to market your business to the room (including the guests and visitors) 
A mentor assigned to help you get settled into the group and to be a point of contact throughout your membership 
A BNI Membership is an opportunity to develop and practice transferable skills with people you know, like and trust – it’s more than just a networking group. 

What will be my responsibilities as a BNI member? 

As a BNI member you are required to uphold some responsibilities such as: 
Attendance – you are required to attend each week, and in the event you are unable to attend yourself, provide a substitute to represent your business. 
Training – you are required to attend training at least once a quarter in order to continually benefit for the experiences of our trainers and coaches. 
Listen out for opportunities – you are required to provide genuine business opportunities to other members of the group as the whole organisation is founded on the concept of ‘Givers Gain’. These opportunities may be in the form of referral slips as well as visitors. 

Will I get support? 

If you’ve read the content on this page and are feeling a little overwhelmed – don’t be. Upon acceptance into a chapter, each new member is assigned a Mentor to help guide them through the process of getting to know the group and developing the relationships which are going to flourish and make your membership worthwhile. 
There are extensive training courses and support materials available to aid your development too! 
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